Do you find the digital world confusing… irritating… and disorienting?

IBM Selectric Typewriter

High tech in the ’60’s

If you were born before — say, 1955 — it is not at all surprising.

An inadvertant keystroke that causes something to happen … a document that seems to disappear…a password you can’t remember…and you just want to go do something else! And maybe you do because you lost patience and feel out of control.


Let me help you gain control!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel comfortable and in command of your device? It’s a great tool for communication, work and play, but not if you look at it and immediately feel anxious or irritated.

What do you struggle with? What would you like to do better?

Since you are reading this on line I will surmise that you do have some ability to find your way to an Internet browser.

Let me help you do more with it. You can become more efficient. You might even start to have fun as you gain proficiency.

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Is This You?